A Water Softener only removes Hardness from the water. A Water Conditioner removes Hardness, but also removes other pollutants from the water such as Chlorine, Heavy Metals, and Bacteria.

No. The refrigerator's filter is only designed to reduce tase and odor and has no additional filtering ability beyond what the RO has already removed. Most refrigerators have a bypass either built in or that can be installed right where the existing filter is installed inside the refrigerator.

Yes. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) System will remove all micro-organisms from the water and will supply you with safe drinking water during a Boil Water Notice. However, becasue harmful bacteria such as E.Coli are present during such an event, the RO system will collect this bacteria and it will foul the filters and may become a health hazard. Ionex Water recommends that the carbon filters and membrane be replaced within 10 days after the Boil Water Notice has been lifted.

Yes. Ultra-Violet Light (UV) has become the #1 way to kill and neutralize Harmful Bacteria. By installing an Ultra-Violet Light (UV) for Water at the Point of Entry, You gain protection at every Point of Use, every Fixture, and every Appliance inside the home. Plus is protects the Reverse Osmosis from Bacterial Contamination and will save money on filter replacement. UV Light has a 99.999% kill ratio against bacteria.

No. Installing a Water Softener, Water Conditioner, Reverse Osmosis or any other type of Water Filtration System in your home is similar to an Appliance Installed in your Home and does not require a Permit.

Well Water is also considered Raw Water and is subjected to a constant changing environment. It is recommended that you have your Well Water tested annually. Not only does this give you peace of mind knowing your Well Water is safe, it also builds a valid historical record and will add value to your property.

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